Dan Morgan

Dan Morgan is an independent journalist and author. He covered national and international affairs for The Washington Post for more than 40 years.

Nine Acres in Athens: Democracy’s Rise (and Fall)

As a veteran newspaper reporter with only a rudimentary education in the classics, visiting Athens fed my fascination with democracy’s long struggle in the era of Xi, Putin and Erdogan.

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We Can Love Electric Cars, But Let’s Not Spurn Biofuels

Right now, electric cars have the momentum and the “inevitability” narrative on their side. Is the idea of pursuing two paths forward a waste of money?

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United States: Bipartisanship on the Cheap

The Growing Climate Solutions Act, if signed into law, won’t cost a lot of money, won’t hurt anybody, but won’t go far in curbing greenhouse gases.

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US: Can Pursuing Happiness, as the Founders Defined It, Bring Us Together?

No government can guarantee our happiness. That depends on our own efforts and luck. But government can make it harder or easier to attain happiness.

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Algae Is Not Endive: The Future of Biofuels in the United States

Endive didn’t catch on with U.S. corn farmers in 1988. Will algae catch on with oil producers in 2012?

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