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The Globalist Chartroom: Lebanon in Crisis

A collection of maps, charts and graphs exploring Lebanon.


  • A collection of maps, charts and graphs exploring Lebanon.

The August 4, 2020 Beirut explosion that devastated Lebanon’s capital is just the latest tragedy to befall the country. In the throes of an economic crisis, a refugee crisis and struggling with COVID 19, Lebanon is a country on the brink.

How powerful was the Beirut explosion?

It had an estimated 1.5 kiloton yield — 10% of the Hiroshima bomb

Where have there been similar incidents over the past 100 years?

Ammonium nitrate has been the cause of many disasters — notably in Germany in 1921, the US in 1947 and, most recently, in Tianjin, China in 2015

What about Lebanon’s economy?

One indication of the crisis is the country’s rising debt level

How bad is the country’s refugee crisis?

Out of every 1,000 people in Lebanon, 156 are refugees. That is double the ratio of Jordan and three times that of Turkey

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