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Publisher’s Welcome

Welcome to The Globalist, the online magazine dedicated to exploring “how the world hangs together”.

We offer our readers around the globe daily features with original insights into the forces shaping the global economy, politics and culture.

The power of global pairings

Our focus is on cross-country or cross-regional comparisons to highlight what countries and cultures can learn from each other. These include both successes to emulate and pitfalls to avoid.

We are ideologically neutral and do not believe in the superiority of any one culture.

The complexities of globalization

I started The Globalist more than two decades ago. I realized at the time that despite all the hoopla surrounding the phenomenon called globalization, the definitive book on the subject had not been written.

I also realized that it would, in fact, never be written. There is simply too much complexity involved in this evolving saga to allow it to be captured in a single volume. It was – and is – therefore futile, if not dishonest, to present a single “authoritative” view on globalization.

Alternative attempt

The Globalist was thus born as an alternative attempt at unpeeling the many layers of globalization. To reflect its diverse facets, turning points, confounding contradictions and also occasional happy surprises, we decided to tackle the story of globalization in daily installments, one story at a time.

Over the last twenty plus years, we have built up a formidable archive of stories of lasting relevance. Taken together, they present an invaluable resource for anyone trying to understand the globalized world we live in. And we are only just getting started.

Join us

We invite you to join us on this enriching journey, as we delve into solutions to the challenges that unite the world: good governance, protecting democracy, environmental degradation, inequality, healthcare and immigration.

The goal is diverse perspectives

Our overarching goal is to help readers make up their own mind on the thorny issues of the day.

The diversity of perspectives we offer ensures that we do not advance the interests, value systems or perspectives of any one nation or ideology.

Our main goal is to question common-place assumptions and reflexively held beliefs, while opening under appreciated bridges of understanding and engagement.

Spanning continents

Born in Germany, I have spent most of my professional life in the United States. The decades I lived in Washington, D.C. provided me with invaluable lessons that resonate globally and into the future.

In the U.S. capital, I experienced first-hand the immense and personally liberating potential a society can have, serving as an inspiring and powerful global example. But I saw also how quickly that promise can evaporate, with the unleashing of dark forces keen on hollowing out core concepts and values such as democracy, transparency and fairness. There are global lessons in that as well.

Stay in touch

I hope you enjoy our site and will visit us frequently. I am also very interested in hearing your views about what we do right — and especially what we can do better.

Stephan Richter Publisher and Editor-in-Chief

How It All Began

In the late 1990s, I was astounded to realize that, despite all the hoopla about globalization, the great novel on this subject had not yet been written. In all likelihood, the great globalization novel cannot ever be written. There just is too much material, too many story lines and too many angles to capture in a single book. What could be done?

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