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The Globalist is dedicated to “exploring how the world really hangs together.”

To that end, we offer our readers daily features that cover the most important developments shaping the global economy, politics and culture.

We often use cross-country comparisons to zoom in on what unites and divides countries, societies, economies and cultures.

Given our editorial lens and the fact that our contributors live on all continents, we do not believe in the superiority of any one culture.

Who is a Globalist?

Anyone with a curiosity to learn about the world around himself or herself is a globalist.

Globalists have an innate curiosity and therefore the ability to keep an open mind. They want to sort out the changes being wrought every day and shape them in a direction that is fair and equitable for all of humankind.

Globalists are thus by no means an elite circle of business or political leaders determined to push forward their agenda in a rapid-fire fashion.

We see ourselves as a guide to understanding the challenges all of us face in the global era — and what solutions are worth pursuing.

The Globalist has provided a daily account of the key issues before the global community since January 3, 2000, right at the start of the new millennium.

Publisher’s Welcome

by Stephan Richter, Publisher and Editor-in-Chief

“At The Globalist, we seek to promote understanding of our changing world by promoting dialogue through thought-provoking features. We invite you to join us in our daily exploration into the many facets globalization.”




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How It All Began

In the late 1990s, I was astounded to realize that, despite all the hoopla about globalization, the great novel on this subject had not yet been written. In all likelihood, the great globalization novel cannot ever be written. There just is too much material, too many story lines and too many angles to capture in a single book. What could be done?

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